Erase the Wrinkles you may have Caused! The Gift of Cosmetic Enhancements

BotoxInjectionHas mom been dropping hints lately about cosmetic surgery?  Your friend been talking about her crow’s feet?  Why not indulge your friend or loved-one’s desire to look a little younger?  Think about it:  You may have caused some of those wrinkles yourself!

If you’re not sure where to start, here is a list of quick fix cosmetic procedures that can turn back the clock a bit for Mom, Dad, Grandma or even just give an interested friend a boost where she needs it most!  The gift of cosmetics is also the gift of confidence, whether it is a youthful glow or simply enhancing that smile you know and love so much!

For Wrinkles:

  • BOTOX® – More popular than ever, BOTOX® is something that is cherished as an easy, temporary fix for those pesky crow’s feet, worry and laugh lines.  Affordable and completed in just a few minutes, the effects of BOTOX® are visible after several days and last for months, taking your giftee through the summer with a youthful radiance she may not have experienced in a while.
  • Juvéderm® – A soft tissue filler, Juvéderm® can fill in targeted lines and creases, making you look younger.  Results vary in terms of longevity depending on the patient.

Lip Augmentation:  Lip fillers can be used to make your mom or a girlfriend’s pout fuller – a fun and popular facial enhancement.  Options for lip fillers include collagen and Restylane®, each which takes about 15 minutes.

The Next Step:  For the friend who is ready to take the next step in cosmetic enhancements, our state of the art plastic surgery practice offers a full menu of services, from breast augmentation to tumescent liposuction and more!  Call Dr. Clemenza for a consultation.