How to choose your general dentist

friendly_dentistHow to Chose a Dental Provider?


Choosing a Dental provider can be a difficult task with multiple factors that influence ones decision. Dental insurances today differ significantly from Medical insurances in that they have varied deductions, co-insurances, non-covered procedures, waiting periods and even yearly maximums all adding to the decision making process. Two important factors to consider when selecting a dental provider are cost and whether the dentist participates in your dental network or insurance, however, I am proposing you consider four other reasons.

Looking past the financial factor of a dental provider, what else should you consider? The first consideration would be personality and the ability to have a professional relationship. If you see yourself able to talk freely with the doctor and he or she is receptive and answers questions, then this is a positive start.

Secondly, does the doctor seem knowledgeable regarding their area of expertise? All doctors DO NOT have all the answers regarding all subjects but they should have a good working knowledge of the area of concern. For example if they say “I really don’t do this procedure” or “this is my first time doing this” you should probably talk to your doctor and discuss other options. Again, it is important to be able to talk freely and openly to your doctor. If your doctor is evasive and ambivalent regarding your questions or concerns, this is worth looking into further.

Third, the doctors’ reputation is very important. Do some of your own research. Go on the doctors website and read their biography.  As with any service, a referral from a friend and reputation can be extremely helpful. Be careful of reviews you read on the Internet.  Many times reviews may be inflated or even misleading.

Fourth, the physical presence of the office can reveal information of the dental provider. If the office seems old and out dated then you may ask yourself, “Does the doctor practice this way?” If the provider is not willing to stay up to date with the physical presence of the office, then does he or she keep up to date with their practice skills and equipment?  The doctor does not need to have every new piece of equipment but staying current and up to date is definitely important.

As with any decision, spend some time thinking about personality, expertise, reputation, and physical appearance, and don’t be influenced totally by the financial concerns. Choosing the right dentist is very important and a decision that you would like to do only once. A good provider cannot only save you money in the long run, he or she could also be life saving.