After Eyelid Surgery & Brow Lift

Sleep on your back with your head elevated. Blepharoplasty usually causes little if any post-operative pain. The pain relievers prescribed are safe if needed. If you notice significant sharp or dull pain, which persists, or visual loss notify the office immediately. Cold compresses (ice, cold wash cloths) may be used over your eyelids, 20 minutes on 20 off for the first 48 hours.

You may use your eyes for reading or TV viewing as frequently as you wish. Use artificial tears as needed for burning or irritation. Do not use contact lenses for at least two weeks. Pulling on the eyelids while inserting or removing lenses may interfere with precise healing. Glasses may be used at any time.

Do not use any eye makeup until approved by Dr. Clemenza (usually 10-14 days). Minimal make-up applied to any bruising of the lower lid is acceptable at any time, but do not pull on the lids or incisions. Any apparent redness of the whites of the eyeball is only a form of bruising and will subside during the early healing process.

Do not engage in vigorous exercise or sports for at least three weeks, or until it is approved by the doctor. Stitches are removed at different times after surgery depending upon the extent of surgery carried out, type of stitches, and the type of quality of your skin. We will advise you accordingly. It is not abnormal to feel slight itching and tightness of the eyelids during the early healing period.

Wound care

Cleanse the incision lines three (3) times per day with a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water. Apply a thin coating of Bacitracin to the incision lines.