After Exposure of an Impacted Tooth

After the exposure of an impacted tooth do not disturb the wound.  If surgical packing was placed leave it alone.  The pack helps to keep the tooth exposed.  If the packing, sutures, or bracket become dislodged, do not get alarmed.  If any of this occurs please contact our office.


A certain amount of bleeding is to be expected following surgery. Slight bleeding, oozing, or redness in the saliva is not uncommon. Excessive bleeding may be controlled by replacing a gauze pad over the area and biting firmly for thirty to forty- five minutes. Repeat if necessary. If bleeding continues, bite on a moistened tea bag for thirty minutes.  The tannic acid in the tea helps to form a clot by contracting bleeding vessels.  To minimize further bleeding, keep your head elevated, and continue to apply pressure with gauze to the extraction site.  If the bleeding does not subside, call for further instructions.


Swelling is a normal occurrence after surgery. To minimize swelling, apply ice packs to the outside of the face where surgery was performed. The ice packs should be applied  20 minutes on and 20 minutes off while awake for the first 48-72 hours.  After that time apply moistened heat.


Drink plenty of liquids. Avoid hot liquids or food. Soft foods and liquids should be eaten for the first 24 hours as directed by staff. Return to a normal diet as soon as possible unless otherwise instructed.


For moderate pain, you may take 600mg of advil or ibuprofen every 6 hours or 800mg of motrin every 8 hours for adults.  For children take as directed on bottle.

For severe pain take the tablets prescribed for pain as directed. The prescribed pain medicine will make you tired and will slow down your reflexes. Do not drive an automobile or work around machinery.

Oral Hygiene

Mouth cleanliness is essential to good healing.  Rinsing with warm salt water rinses 4-5 times a day is recommended until we see you for your follow up.  Patients may brush and floss their teeth as normal, avoiding the surgical site(s).  Do not disturb the site or sutures.


Keep physical activities to a minimum immediately following surgery. Resume normal acitivities when directed by Dr. Clemenza.